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Faced with the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis, A Rocha wanted to take up the challenge of training, equipping and mobilising Christians on issues combining faith and ecology. To take its message further, give more weight to its actions and enable its members to become more widely involved, A Rocha France has created its Ambassador network.

The network was officially launched with a livestream on 21 January 2021. A video of this presentation, as well as several other videos of training delivered within the framework of the Ambassadors network, are available on the A Rocha France Youtube channel, or from our “videos to watch” page. Sorry, they are all in French but still worth taking a look at.

We already have around 20 confirmed Ambassadors spread throughout France. See the map below.

What are its objectives?

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Naturally the network consists of French-speakers and the information is in French, but if you would like to know more, please email us (in English!).

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