Praying for Creation

We are delighted to be launching our daily prayer for creation project.

If you pray, we invite you to discover more about the project below and join with us in this collective prayer.

Why pray daily for Creation?

As Christians, we think that only God can save his creation and that prayer is our most valuable tool.

The individual small steps and actions that we take are essential and also the larger projects we have in the different A Rocha organisations, but, let’s be realistic, the task is much too large for us to succeed on our own!

As Christians our hope is in a God who makes the impossible possible, a God of miracles, a powerful God. We are therefore convinced that action and prayer go hand in hand: God calls us to take practical action in the world so that he has the ‘raw material’ for making his miracles happen. Even though our actions, our small steps, may seem rather paltry given the urgency of the environmental situation, we know that God can multiply the fruit. After all, from five loaves and two fish Jesus fed 5000 people and there were still left-overs that Jesus asked his disciples to collect so that there was no waste (John’s gospel chapter 6)!

We have the same confidence that in combining our actions with prayer he will do the same thing for his creation!

To pray is also to open ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit, to guide us in transforming our lives, to renew our strength when we are discouraged, to reveal to us our shortcomings – both personal and collective – and inspire us for the path and the steps to be taken.

It is in this hope that we are launching this daily prayer for Creation project.

We are proposing a weekly pattern of prayer:

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Lord God, we give you thanks – you have created this earth capable of feeding every human being living on it. We pray for all farmers who work to put food on our plates. Especially, we bring before you those who resist the extreme industrialisation of agriculture. Help them as they strive to produce everything while continuing to respect the environment.


A Rocha Kenya’s camera traps recently revealed for the first time a leopard in the Dakatcha Woodlands! This species is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, with a decreasing population trend. Thank you, Lord, for the joy and encouragement this sighting brings to the A Rocha Kenya team. Give them wisdom as they continue to work for the protection of this and other Red List species.


Lord, we are often impatient people and we want instant results and responses. Yet you Lord are so patient and loving with us. Help me to have that same, long-term patience and love when I try to engage with others about caring for your creation and I don’t feel that I am having any impact.


‘You alone are the LORD. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.’ (Nehemiah 9:6)

Thank you, Lord!


Father God, we bring before you the Camp éco-aventure that is taking place at Courmettes. Lord, we thank you that it is possible to hold the camp this year. We pray for the leadership team as they seek to engage the young people and deepen their understanding of you and your creation. We pray for safety and for much joy as new discoveries are made about your world and a growing awareness of you as Creator God.


Lord God, frequently we hear news items talking about government efforts to ‘relaunch the economy’ in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic in our country. We ask your guidance for all those in authority involved in this process, that in their search for ways ahead they may still be mindful of your creation and the need to care for it as part of that. Give them your wisdom, and give us wisdom to see where we have a chance to influence decisions in our local area.


Lord, the postponement of COP26 until November 2021 feels disappointing when there is so much work to be done on climate change. May those tasked with preparing that conference have the energy and sense of purpose as they deal with the delay and re-evaluate how best to organise the event. We pray for real commitment on the part of each country involved to the challenge of reducing emissions and creating practical policies that will benefit the whole of your creation.


SEL partners with an association in North Cameroon that works with the local people to raise awareness of harmful deforestation and the importance of sound management of wood resources (a resource used a great deal by the communities). This partner is launching a reforestation project establishing three community forests and training plant nursery gardeners to renew plant resources.

Our God and Father, we bring this project before you and ask that it may benefit the environment, provide the necessary resources for the local people and can inspire other similar initiatives. Amen


Creator God, you have created a world that is so finely balanced. But that balance can often be upset when species end up in unexpected places. They are all your creatures, but it can cause problems to local species. Give wisdom to those trying to find solutions to the problems caused by Asian hornets, and the threat they pose to bee populations in France and elsewhere in Europe.


Lord, I hear so much about plastics and the damage they can cause if just discarded anywhere. I collect them, recycle them, try not to use them and all that is good. But Lord, do I really follow through on what happens to those plastic items and how they are disposed of in the end? May I be prepared to follow that trail and gain understanding and help others to do the same so that there can be real change.


‘It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, …. I sing for joy at what your hands have done.’ (Psalm 92: 1,2,4)

Lord, thank you for your creation, all that your hands have made, that we can see and wonder at from morning until evening. To you be the glory.


As the effects of Covid-19 continue, we pray for A Rocha teams throughout the world and in particular those in countries that are severely affected. Lord, give them strength as they face challenges in the work they are doing and give your peace to them and their families.


Lord, we read about those in power wanting a ‘green’ response to rebuilding the economy after the Covid-19 period. Pray that they have the courage to honour those words and factor in measures that will indeed care for your creation.


Father, we pray for you to raise up a generation of leaders with the courage to take responsibility for our changing climate, and the part we have played in it. We intercede for our politicians and leaders. Move them to act in the best interests of all nations today, and all peoples in the future, in order to avoid catastrophic changes.


Lord thank you for the Incredible Edible Network initiative ( and all they do to encourage sustainable food networks. Thank you for their energy and enthusiasm. Give them wisdom as they seek to involve many more people and open their eyes to what can be achieved.


Lord, we bring before you those fighting habitat destruction, often at great risk to themselves as they come into contact with vested interests that do not want them to succeed in their efforts to protect your creation. Many have already lost their lives in this cause. We pray your protection on those who continue to work on this ‘front line’ of creation care, despite the dangers they face. May they not themselves become an endangered species.


Creator God, how deep are your designs! You made a living earth, cloud, rain and wind, and charged us with their care. We confess that the way we live today Is changing the climate, the seas and the balance of life, Dispossessing the poor and future generations. Help us to choose a way of life that redresses that balance and honours your creation. Amen


‘Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures for ever.’ (Psalm 107:1)

Today, as I look at God’s world and his creation and his enduring love, what can I thank him for? May I take time in contemplation and thanksgiving today.


Lord thank you for the A Rocha France ambassadors who share with others the work of A Rocha in caring for your creation. We pray for the training session that should be underway at A Rocha’s Courmettes centre in the coming days. We pray for their work and for them as they find out more about your purposes and are encouraged for the task ahead of them.


Sustainability and sustainable development pledges frequently form part of government programmes. Pray that those in authority may indeed honour those pledges and implement them. May we hold them to account wherever we are able and in so doing honour your creation.


Lord, many of us have taken action, campaigned, and called on our leaders to protect your creation from climate change. We have petitioned and prayed that you would grant wisdom and courage to the world’s leaders. But our collective lack of progress continues to miss the mark. Help us not to become despondent or to give up fighting for what is right. Instead help us to focus on what lies ahead, and to seek your wisdom and energy. Remind us of the hope that is to be found in you. Amen.

(adapted from Christian Aid resources)


Creator God, thank you for the opportunity that has opened for the A Rocha team working in the Vallée des Baux to study the European pond turtle, which is rare in this area. Guide them in their work and in their interactions with local landowners. May they be able to draw attention to the importance of this creature – part of your marvellous creation.


In 2019 the equivalent of a football pitch of tropical primary forest was lost every 6 seconds (3.8 million ha). Deforestation, often illegal, has continued throughout the current pandemic, destroying habitats and displacing indigenous peoples. Pray for those seeking to halt these activities, for wisdom in their interaction with the authorities. Pray that creation may be spared and, ultimately restored.


Almighty God — creator, shaper and sustainer of all life, and loving Father. We confess that we have not loved you with our whole hearts; we have been careless with the creation you so lovingly crafted, and deaf to its song of praise. We have taken to satisfy our selfish desires, rather than our need and been indifferent to the consequences as your world’s song of praise has been silenced. Change our hearts, and our actions, we pray.


‘Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; Let the sea resound, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Let the rivers clap their hands, let the mountains sing together for joy; let them sing before the LORD,’ (Psalm 98: 4, 7-9)

Lord, as we open our eyes to your world around us, we join in praise with all of your creation.


Lord, we thank you that people can once again return to A Rocha’s centre at Les Courmettes. We pray for the activities organised that will enable them to engage with your creation. We pray for those leading the events and those participating that all may draw closer to you as they discover and rediscover the wonders of your creation.


We pray for those in authority at both national and local level, urban and rural, as they seek to balance the needs of all the people for whom they are responsible. Sometimes we may feel that what they do conflicts with caring for your creation. Lord, give them your wisdom and understanding as they go about their task and give us grace and wisdom too as we seek to influence their decisions for the benefit of your creation, of which we are a part.


God, we ask for a generation of leaders who will be willing to act justly so that those who have contributed so little to the problems we are facing, and have fewer resources with which to face them, are not left to shoulder our burden. We ask You to fill the hearts of all who lead rich nations. Give them your mercy and compassion on poor countries already suffering the effects of a changing climate.


The Vigie-Nature programme ( gives the opportunity to citizens to become involved in numerous participatory science projects. Thank you, Lord, for the possibilities this offers for people to discover more about your creation and to wonder at it and in so doing to find their way towards you.


China has granted pangolins – currently considered the world’s most trafficked animal – the highest form of protection, now the same level as the Giant Panda. The Chinese government has also removed pangolin scales from a list of ingredients approved for use in Chinese medicine.

The changes are attributed in part to international pressure related to the spread of COVID-19, which researchers believe may have jumped species as a result of the illegal wildlife trade.
Lord thank you for this positive development.


Lord Jesus, you were tempted to turn stones to bread in the wilderness; Teach us that when we change time for our convenience; night to day in our living, patience to speed in our journeying, winter to summer in our eating, we change God’s calendar which brings the hatchling to the caterpillar, the bee to the nectar, the rains to the farmer. Give us grace in our simplest actions to choose the life which breathes in the beautiful complexity of creation, and fits your calendar as we follow you. Amen. (adapted from

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