A new environment and climate network

6 April 2021

A new network in partnership with the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires (GBU)

The Environment and Climate network has just been created, open to all Christians (students and professionals). Its aim is to promote Christian reflection on environmental and climate issues.

On 2 December 2020 at Columbia University in New York, UN Secretary General António Guterres stressed that “making peace with nature” must be the top priority for everyone, everywhere, in the 21st century.

If you agree with these words, we encourage you to join this network (just email us to get in touch) so that we can help each other as Christians become better peacemakers in this area.


In practice

We will be offering events where speakers share on the topic, both academically, pragmatically and biblically, to set the scene for small group discussions that follow. The first meeting will take place in May.

This network is brand new. It will offer more resources and opportunities in the future. If you are motivated to help us build a church that is stronger in its relationship with creation, you are welcome to join!

The network is based on a partnership between the GBU [http://amis.gbu.fr/] and A Rocha. The GBU has acquired a strong experience in the facilitation of professional networks, allowing it to address societal issues and to give tools to students and Christian workers. A Rocha has had a Christian commitment to the preservation of creation for many years and benefits from advanced theological and scientific reflection on these issues.

Contact: [email protected]



A new environment and climate network 6 April 2021
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