Climate emergency: the declaration !

9 February 2021

It’s an emergency!

We know it, we are told it, we are told it again, we are told it again, louder. Every day, in every tone, in every media.

And yet… nothing changes. Or so little.

Faced with enormous political inertia, and this unbearable vision of an unliveable future, civil society is mobilising, organising itself and trying to act at all levels.

As proof of this is a new initiative developed by our friends at A Rocha Switzerland in partnership with other faith NGOs within the Swiss Climate Alliance. They refuse to accept this inaction and passivity, these commitments that are constantly postponed, and have just published a “Declaration for Christian Action in the face of Climate Emergency“.

The aim of this text is to unite Christians who share this urgent need, by demonstrating a committed stance in favour of resolute action for the climate. The authors hope that “this declaration can be a tool to ‘awaken consciences’ about the danger of a serious climate crisis that is almost certain, but which we can lessen if we act quickly”.

It’s all here.

Read it. Sign it. Circulate it.

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