Discover our residential weeks at Courmettes this summer!

14 May 2022

If you are a nature lover who wants to discover and explore the rich biodiversity of the Parc Régional des Préalpes d’Azur, if you want to learn about ecology in order to change your lifestyle or learn the art of raising awareness about this, try one of these : this year there is something for everyone 🙂 

Note that most of the courses are run in French, but there are two in English with simultaneous translation into French.

22- 28 May  : Botanic week 

10 – 16 July : Camp éco-aventure for 7-12 years (in French)

24 – 30 juillet : Ambassadors week (but open to all): Ecology and solidarity

31 July – 6 August : Seminar: “Faith: spiritual and psychological aspects” 

7 – 13 August : Camp “God, nature and us” 

14 – 19 August : Seminar: “Collapse: from anxiety to hope” (in English)

21 – 27 August : Eco-theology seminar with Dave Bookless (in English)

21 – 27 August : Training week in ecology for those working with young people

18 – 24 September : How about gardening? A week to get you going

Do you simply want to recharge your batteries and spend time with God? For each session, our team has taken care to plan free time and moments of sharing around the Bible.

To register or to find out more, go to the Courmettes website.

Benefit from a 25€ discount for any registration before June 15th.

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