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7 November 2015

We are delighted to see our colleagues and friends in A Rocha International following what’s going on in France. Here are links to two articles giving details about some events which are all part of a regular day’s work for A Rocha France and which are supported by A Rocha International. Why not take the opportunity to have a look at their site, full of stories from around the world, and keep in touch with what’s currently happening?
Roller-looking-out-200x300An update about European Roller migration
This article is a summary of the work which A Rocha France teams are carrying out at the centre at Les Tourades. According to Timothée Schwartz the information collected shows that research allows us to understand and analyse the migration patterns of this species so that we can draw conclusions about environmental conditions for the birds, both in their countries of origin and in the countries to which they migrate.
Ocean_Indien_ElecroL_2012Information on A Rocha’s involvement in COP21
The article explains what this event is and its political and global importance. It also explains how and why A Rocha is involved.



(Thank you Alison Walley for the traduction)

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