Join us from your own home!

22 January 2021

Last spring we proposed a series of meetings via Zoom to keep your connected, share news of A Rocha France, and discuss our projects and your possible involvement. Very many of you participated, and these three meetings were very fruitful and encouraging!

At the beginning of this new year, we propose three new dates for you, to take stock of achievements, to get up to date with new projects and answer your questions. (Don’t hesitate to look at the invitation to those meetings last spring, it will be the same principle this time.)

You can sign up for a one-hour slot; these meetings are open to everyone:

  1. Tuesday 2nd February at 20h
  2. Wednesday 3rd February at 18h
  3. Thursday 4th February at 13h

To participate, you just need to register by clicking the link below (brings up a registration form). You will receive an email explaining how you can connect to the meeting on the day. If you are interested but don’t speak French, just drop us an email and we’ll see if we can organise something in English at a later date.


 Hoping to meet with many of you

Jean-François Mouhot
Director, A Rocha France

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