Rollers in good health in the Vallée des Baux

18 January 2022

It may well be that Rollers are increasingly enjoying their summer quarters in the Vallée des Baux… and A Rocha has a lot to do with it! The proof is in the findings of our latest 2021 report (available here). You will discover that the roller population has increased in the Vallée des Baux over the last 10 years, largely thanks to our nest boxes: good news! (see graph below).

Evolution of the number of pairs of European rollers nesting in the Vallée des Baux

A Rocha has been working for the European Roller for over twenty years through its nature conservation work, with the aim of helping to save it in France. The Roller is an endangered species with declining numbers throughout its range, particularly in Europe where it has recently disappeared from several countries and where some relict populations are on the verge of extinction.

Practically, what can be done for the roller? The essential action plan to halt its decline involves

However, it should be noted that the restoration of breeding habitats can take time. So in reality, we are working on these three aspects in parallel, in a number of ways:

One of our nest boxes

An inhabited natural cavity

This monitoring, and a large part of our work to help the European roller, do not benefit from any subsidy and are only possible thanks to donations. You too can contribute to these efforts and take concrete action to save this magnificent bird! All the details here.

THANK YOU for your support!

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