Mas Mireille

Our centre Mas Mireille, located in Provence, near the city of Arles, has replaced the centre at Tourades, where A Rocha had established its first French centre for Environmental Studies in 2001.

The primary aim of Mas Mireille is to carry out scientific monitoring and management work in natural areas. The latter are concentrated in the Vallée des Baux, and focus on the fauna, flora and ecosystems: wetlands, holm oak forests and limestone massifs. All the areas studied are part of the Natura 2000 network.

Mas Mireille is also a place to live, an expression of the community spirit that is dear to the identity of A Rocha. In addition to our scientific offices, we welcome and accommodate many interns, volunteers and voluntary workers, who wish to share an exceptional human and environmental experience, for periods ranging from a few weeks to over a year.

Come and stay at Mas Mireille!

A Setting, a heritage

Panorama marais des Baux

Mas Mireille is located at the heart of the Vallée des Baux, in a setting rich both in history and in terms of the natural environment and landscape.

How to get to Mas Mireille:

Mas Mireille

3000 Chemin de Barbegal à l’Ilon


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