Study centre

The vocation of Les Tourades is to be A Rocha’s environmental study centre . That means concretely that it welcomes volunteers and interns who get involved in different projects, as is explained in more depth in the tab ‘Our work’.

To successfully carry out this work our team of permanent staff welcomes between four and ten volunteers or students throughout the year who can devote some time (between two weeks and a year or more) to helping with our conservation studies and/or the functioning of the centre.

Each application we receive is thus given particular attention to ensure that the expectations of the applicant correspond to the activities of the centre and so that a personalized project can be put in place and monitored by a member of the permanent staff team.

Interns carry out their studies, observations and the work that their training course requires on field and volunteers can also get involved with this side of our work. Alternatively volunteers might contribute to our awareness raising activities, communications or to the upkeep of the house and garden. The varied fields of work we offer are meant to take into account each person’s strengths, whilst remaining in line with A Rocha’s global priorities.

Volunteers and interns both find a place of community life which respects each person’s autonomy, responsibilities and freedom, and in which the international and intercultural melting pot creates a valuable experience of discovery and new openness. Even more so since our volunteering opportunities are open to people of all ages! Here is a list of the possible fields of work, by category:

Interns: scientific, agricultural and environmental streams, environmental education, webmaster…

Volunteers: IT, gardening, photography, admin, communication, education.

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