Frédéric and Geneviève Baumann

Frédéric_et_Geneviève_BaumannA Rocha France Associates (Les Courmettes)

Frédéric and Geneviève joined the Courmettes team in 2017 and they have four children. They come to expand the team, participate in the spiritual life of Courmettes, to develop a community permaculture project and to contribute to the environmental education and awareness raising amongst Christians. Geneviève is an educator of young children and is trained in parental support. She is also a Couple and Families counselor, accredited by the Christian Counsellors Association. Frédéric is an environmental engineer, Non-Violent Communication coach and a mediator. He is also trained in Protestant and Anabaptist theology.

Is there one Bible verse which stands out for you?

” (…) but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (…)”
Matthew 6:33

I cannot do my job without…

I cannot do my job without knowing there is a purpose and without this purpose being in line with my faith. Frédéric

I cannot do my job without committing fully… whilst always keeping a watchful heart over my children. Geneviève

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