A Rocha & The Faraday Institute course

“Creation, Christian Faith and a Precious World”

25 June – 1 July

Domaine des Courmettes, Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France

How did the universe come into existence? What can the natural world tell us about God? Why is our world habitable? How do natural processes such as earthquakes or predation fit with the goodness of God? What does the Bible say about the relationship between human beings and the rest of creation?

Come and explore these and other scientific and theological questions about creation in the stunning scenery of the Les Courmettes estate in the hills above Cannes, France. This 5-day course is a partnership between The Faraday Institute and A Rocha France, and will include lectures, study sessions, practical activities and guided excursions, plus plenty of time for relaxation and solitude.

The course

“Creation, Christian Faith and a Precious World” will be taught by Dr Hilary Marlow of The Faraday Institute, Cambridge and Dr Jonathan Moo of Whitworth University who will cover the biblical aspects of creation, and Dr Chris Walley of A Rocha who will deal with the scientific issues surrounding our planet’s history and the challenges facing our world today. Dr Jean-François Mouhot, Director of Les Courmettes, will contribute on the social aspects of human relationships to nature.

The course will be given in English and will be suitable for anybody with an interest in the topic. Additional to morning teaching sessions, there will be activities such as sketching nature, moth-trapping, practical geology and stargazing. Optional visits to Nice, Monaco, one of the Isle de Lerins or snorkelling will be available on the Wednesday.

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