Activity reports

Here are the annual activity reports of A Rocha France for the past three years with downloadable links (only in French).

Activity Report for 2022-2023

Blossoming. That’s the first image that comes to mind when we think of the past year. A year full of new ideas, projects and growth… thanks in particular to the CoCliCo project, which started at the end of 2021 and is financed by the European Union as part of the LIFE programme, a programme dedicated to supporting innovative projects in the fields of the environment and climate.

What has blossomed with beauty?

1) Our Ambassadors network and its actions
2) Training and raising public awareness in our centres
3) Our actions to protect endangered species

Inside this document, we’ll let you discover everything that made 2022 a banner year for A Rocha.


You can download the report as a pdf in high definition (87Mo), or in lower resolution (29Mo).

Activity Report for  2021-2022

Although 2021 was still strongly marked by the health crisis, it was nonetheless a year rich in meetings, discussions, debates and actions to pursue our mission of preserving life and mobilising Christians. With its title “Together, preserving life”, we wanted to highlight the importance of the collective dimension in protecting biodiversity and combating global warming.

For us, 2021 marked the launch of our Ambassadors network, with 3 objectives:

– CONVINCE Christians who are still reticent about the need to change their lifestyles and make a collective commitment to the planet

– TRAIN and EQUIP Christians in ecology, both theologically and practically

– ACT: create the context to enable Christians to take action in their daily lives.

We have also continued our scientific activities in the field, which we consider essential for protecting natural sites and endangered species. Whether in the Vallée des Baux or on the 600-hectare Courmettes estate, our scientific teams have not lost their enthusiasm despite the crisis, and you will find in this report several articles on the various projects we have carried out.

Download here.

Activity Report for 2020

A Rocha France, April 2021

The report is available to read online or download.
In it, you’ll find a comprehensive overview, complete with pretty pictures, of everything we’ve done in the year 2020, from research and conservation work to environmental education activities and the latest projects in the pipeline.
This beautiful document provides an inventory of the association’s achievements, backed up by figures and testimonials, painting a portrait of a lively, open and dynamic association!
Feel free to browse through it and refer to it to find out more about A Rocha France.


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