Local A Rocha groups

What are these “local groups”?

Local groups are gatherings of Christians at a local level (town, city, etc.) who want to reflect, act and pray together on subjects that combine Christian faith and the protection of the environment.

Led by experienced Ambassadors, they allow their members to benefit from the perspective, experience and resources of A Rocha to train themselves, adapt their own lifestyles but also raise awareness and mobilise around them.

Some examples of action by local groups:

There is no shortage of ideas and the orientation of each local group is specific to the territory and its members!

You want to join a local group?

Congratulations! Here’s a list of local active groups. Don’t hesitate to contact the one in your area.

Toulouse, Saint Pierre bridge

You want to start a local group?

Again, congratulations! You will need to be an official confirmed Ambassador with A Rocha. (Clicking on the ‘Become an Ambassador’ button will take to you to the information in French.)

When you talk to the Ambassadors coordination team, they will listen to your project, pray with you, advise you and help you to make it happen!

So – what are you waiting for?

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