Launch of a new website: questions of faith and ecology

2 September 2023 is a website dedicated to questions of faith and ecology. Our aim is to answer the questions commonly asked about ecology from a Christian perspective, encouraging our readers to deepen their knowledge. It’s also a space where visitors can ask questions and find answers.

Inspired in part by the website, A Rocha has launched a new resource site for Christians and the curious who are interested in the links between the Bible and ecology, and who are trying to find their way around this often complicated subject where opinions are often polarised. The aim is to answer commonly asked questions about ecology from a Christian perspective, encouraging readers to deepen their knowledge and discover the links between Christian faith and a commitment to the environment.

Questions de Foi et d’écologie has been designed as a contributory site, allowing visitors to simply ask their questions via our form, which our team will endeavour to answer as quickly as possible.

An initial selection of over 50 frequently asked questions is already available on the site, awaiting your questions. Under some of the answers to the questions, you will find references to books or websites where you can find out more.


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