Three cheers for CoCliCo!

20 July 2021

Good news for A Rocha France!

We have just heard that our project CoCliCo (Connecting Christians with Climate Change and Conservation, or Connecter les Chrétiens avec le Changement Climatique et la Conservation in French) has been selected by the EU. We don’t have all the details yet, which will be discussed with the EU ‘Life’ programme in September. But this is already very good news for A Rocha France.

Multiplying our efforts

The requested budget (€300,000 over 2 years) will allow us to move up a gear. For a long time we have wanted to develop our awareness-raising activities and integration of ecological issues, but we were cruelly lacking in resources. Thanks to the CoCliCo funding, we should be able to recruit a communications professional and another staff member to coordinate our Ambassador programme. We also plan to strengthen our biodiversity conservation and public outreach activities at our Courmettes and Vallée des Baux centres. The team will continue to develop the Courmettes garden to accommodate more children. We will also strengthen our partnerships with various Christian representative associations, particularly within French Protestantism. Finally, we plan to publish several books – adapted to the French public – on the issue of climate change and biodiversity. The project will also bring together a scientific committee, made up of several academics and personalities, which will be created for the occasion.

We are delighted with this funding which will considerably increase the means to carry out our mission! Come back to this site in September / October for more details.


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