Rachel Calvert

Board Member, A Rocha France

Rachel, with her husband Pierre, is involved in pastoral work with the Perspectives Church Union. They live in Blois, where they are currently working on the planting of a new church. Rachel is also involved with the CNEF (National Council of Evangelicals of France) as coordinator of the commission for the planting of new churches. Her involvement with A Rocha is motivated by the desire to see churches in France equipped to live, witness and act in a world marked by ecological crisis.

In the era of climate change, is the gospel of Jesus still good news for our contemporaries? If so, how can it be proclaimed in an audible and relevant way? If we affirm that “Jesus Christ is Lord”, what must we change in our relationship with the earth and all that inhabits it? Convinced that A Rocha is uniquely placed to help churches answer these questions, Rachel joined the Board in 2019.


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